Commercial Office Renovation


Commercial office renovation

New commercial office renovation finished. The renovation included the following

  • New Emergency lighting installation
  • New kitchen and bathroom
  • New lighting and rebalanced to achieve a better light level
  • New external skirting running the perimeter of the room for data and power connections

Here is a few things to consider about replacing you Halogen downlights to LED’s.


Halogen lights are possibly the most unsafe lights available. They are constantly burning at around 300 deg C. If anyone in your family was to come in contact with these lights while the lights are on, they are bound to burn themselves. This hazard can also affect any debris in your roof such as leaves, dust or old insulation. This can be a fire risk especially if the lights haven’t been installed correctly.


After about 5 year’s the reliability of Halogen lights can greatly reduce. This is because there are 3 parts to every light- Globe, Lead and Transformer. While the globe can be changed by a homeowner the lead and transformer must be changed by an electrician. This can be an expensive undertaking if you need to get an electrician in multiple times.


Each halogen bulb is 50w and puts out an average of 500 lumens. This output can be achieved by about 6 watts of LED- about 85% more efficient.


Halogen lights only have a 60 deg beam angle, this means they rarely cover the entire room and will leave shadowing in corners of the room. LED’s can fix this because the have a much wider beam angle.

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